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Auto Air Conditioning Service


Auto Air Conditioning Service

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Air Conditioning

State of the Art Equipment

Using the latest in State of the Art Equipment along with Certified Technicians we can solve just about any Automotive Air Conditioning situation. Wether it justs needs Freon or a full retrofit upgrade.




      Our A/C Service includes inspecting:

  1. 1.Exposed hoses, tubing and connections examined for leaks
  2. 2. Compressor and clutch, when accessible, are examined for damage, missing bolts, missing hardware, broken housing and leaks.
  3. 3. Compressor is rotated to determine if it is seized or locked up.
  4. 4. Service ports are examined for missing caps, damaged threads and conformance with labeling.
  5. 5. Condencer coil is examined for damage, restrictions or leaks.
  6. 6. Expansion device, if accessible, is examined for physical damage or leaks.
  7. 7. Accumulator receiver dryer and in-line filter have been checked for damage, missing or loose hardware or leaks.
  8. 8. Drive belt system has been checked for damage or missing pulleys or tensioners and for proper belt routing, tension, alignment, excessive wear or cracking.
  9. 9. Fan clutch has been examined for leakage, bearing wear and proper operation.
  10. 10. Cooling fan has been checked for bent or missing blades.
  11. 11. Accessible electrical connections have been examined for loose, burnt, broken or corroded parts.
  12. 12. Refrigent in use has been identified and checked for contaminations.
  13. 13. System has been checked for leakage at a minimum of 50-PSI system presure.
  14. 14. Compressor clutch, blower motor and air control doors have been checked for proper operation.
  15. 15. High and low side system operating pressures have been recorded on the final invoice.
  16. 16. Center air distribution outlet temperature has been recorded on the final invoice.