BMW Exhaust Systems

BMW Exhaust Systems

BMW Exhaust Systems

BMW CUSTOM Exhaust Kits


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to custom build your BMW exhaust kit directly

on your car in-house at one of our locations in California.

BMW BOLT-ON Exhaust Kits


Find a bolt-on exhaust kit for my BMW

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BMW exhaust kit we can install or ship directly to you.

BMW Exhaust Systems


These exhaust systems have been built by FMS Performance since 1974. We have created this program to help you plan the type of custom BMW Exhaust Kits you would like. By first choosing the sound level.

Exhaust Kits Race tone. Aggressive tone. Throaty tone. Low tone.

Race Tone includes all 2 1/2 inch aluminized piping and your choice of BMW Exhaust kit mufflers. Flowmaster Outlaw mufflers, Borla XR-1 mufflers, Magnaflow Race mufflers, or straight piping.

Now you want to finish it off your BMW Exhaust Kit with the exhaust tip.

Choose polished stainless, black, blue burnt, carbon fiber, etc.. We have to many tips to list here. Drop by one of our stores to check out a wide variety of exhaust tips.

The installation is very important.

Our custom exhaust fabricators are the best in the industry. The system is completely leak checked. No rattles, leaks or crooked tips here!