Quiet Muffler

Good Economy Muffler

quiet muffler good

Most cars $78.95

NOW $68.95

100% Alluminized Material
Tube & partition design
More sound than factory
1 Year or 12,000 mile guarantee




Better Economy Quiet Muffler

quiet muffler better

Most Cars $139.95

NOW $99.95

100% Alluminized Material
Quality appearance
Spun locked heads
Favorable Acoustics
2 Year or 24,000 mile guarantee

Best Premium Quiet Muffler

quiet muffler best

Most Cars $149.95

NOW $129.95

Pression Fit
Sophisticated internal routing
OE Style Sound
Superior Flow
Lifetime Guarantee Includes Road Hazard

Direct-Fit Premium Quiet Muffler

quiet muffler direct fit

100% Stainless Steel muffler

Precision fit, Superior flow and OE-style sound

Lifetime Guarantee


Quiet muffler installation since 1974 at FMS Performance

The Muffler Shop at FMS Performance has the Quiet muffler you’re looking for. Starting with our universal mufflers. Good, Better, Best.  Our Direct-Fit Mufflers are available for specific applications. Get it today 909-888-5020 or 1-800-833-0945 or 760-321-2896

First of all we pride ourselves on our quiet mufflers. Being the very best at service, materials, and workmanship. By also providing a large variety of mufflers to adhere to any budget.

Further more we offer quiet mufflers that are guaranteed up to the life of your vehicle.

FMS Performance offers a quiet universal muffler by Walker as well as Magnaflow, Georlich and others. As a result we should have the quiet muffler along with other quiet performance mufflers in stock for almost all vehicles.

Our muffler shop offers a quiet universal muffler for cars and also quiet mufflers for trucks. Likewise we offer a small quiet muffler and an ultra quiet muffler.

Finally check out our  Glass Pack mufflers. Above all heavy gauge shell along with expandable ends are featured for durability and ease of use on custom applications. These are also used as resonator mufflers. Resonator mufflers consequently make the car quieter.

Quiet high flow mufflers are available at FMS Performance by many different performance  manufacturers. Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Borla to name a few.

Also our service areas include San Bernardino, Redlands, Colton. Also Riverside, Rialto, Highland. Furthermore Fontana, Hesperia, Victorville, Mentone. We also service Loma Linda, Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, and Grand Terrace. Likewise Rancho Cucamonga, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City. Furthermore Calimesa, Yucaipa, Hemet, Sun City, Menifee, and finally Tumecula.