Airlift WirelessONE EZ


Air Lift 25980EZ

Helper Spring Remote Controller; WirelessONE (TM); For Use With Air Lift Helper Spring Kits; Wireless Control; With Compressor; Smart Phone Compatible: With EZ Mount

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Airlift WirelessONE EZ

With the new Airlift WirelessONE EZ Mount compressor and manifold unit from Air Lift, installing an onboard air compressor system has never been easier. This system, which features the new and improved WirelessONE system, packages the components of the compressor system into one easy-to-install package. The manifold and air compressor are pre-assembled at the factory in a black, powder-coated steel mounting plate. This plate helps to protect the vehicle by requiring no frame drilling. The system easily attaches to the vehicle frame rail through the use of a removable U-bolt, making the entire on-board air compressor system a no-drill application. Without EZ Mount, the manifold and compressor must be mounted to the frame of the vehicle individually and then routed together. This process leaves room for error and frustration. By securing the components together, Air Lift is able to factory-test and ensure that they system will be free from leaks, as well as provide a much simpler installation process. Buying a compressor system with EZ Mount helps to greatly reduces installation time — by up to one hour — and comes with a fully illustrated and easy to understand installation manual. Backed by Air Lift’s industry-exclusive two-year limited warranty and 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, it’s a system you know you can trust. As the leader in air suspension products for more than 65 years, Air Lift is committed to delivering quality load support parts that last. Take your load support solution to the next level today with EZ Mount!

Airlift WirelessONE EZ

  • Single-Path Control: Left And Right Air Springs Are Inflated Or Deflated Equally
  • Wireless Handheld Unit And NEW Mobile App For Convenient Operation Inside Or Outside The Vehicle
  • Easy Installation, No Air Lines To The Cab
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

Airlift WirelessONE EZ

Airlift WirelessONE EZ


Smart Technology Compatible: Wi-Fi
Compatibility: Air Lift Helper Spring Kits

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