Electric Exhaust Cut-Out Pair

Mild to Wild electronic exhaust cut outs

Set of Two Electric Cut-Out Exhaust




Electric Exhaust Cut-Out Pair

The FMS Performance Electric Exhaust Cut-Out Pair is perfect for those looking to have full control of their exhaust systems. This will give you the ability to reroute exhaust gases away from mufflers or resonators with the press of a button. Not only will this increase the sound of the vehicle but also increase performance. The wireless remote will allow for exhaust changes to be made in or around the vehicle. The FMS  Exhaust Cut-Out is made of high quality stainless steel and is mandrel bent to reduce exhaust obstruction. There will be some fabrication required and is intended for exhaust systems that have a 2 1/2 to 3’’ exhaust diameter piping.

Electric Exhaust Cut-Out Pair

Electric Exhaust Cut-Out Pair

The installation is very important. Electric Cut-Out Exhaust

Our custom exhaust fabricators are the best in the industry. The system is completely leak checked. No rattles, leaks or crooked tips here!

Cut-Out Installation & Hookup Available

We all know that the right tools for the right job is very important. At FMS Performance we believe that using the the right tools for header Installation starts with the right installer.

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FMS has a specialist for each segment of installation. We prefer to supply you with the parts we install but we can install your supplied products as well.

FMS Performance offers and installs cold air intake kits. Installing and custom building performance exhaust systems. Our stores install automotive computer tuners.  headers. superchargers.  tonneau covers.  suspension kits, lowering and lifting. We install shocks and struts. FMS offers complete brake kit or brake service. We mount and balance wheels and tires.

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