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EV Charger by Wolfbox Level 2 with WiFi and Bluetooth

EV Charger
EV Charger

Is the Wolfbox EC Charger Safe? 

Yes, the WolfBox EV charger is safe to use. It has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), ensuring its safety and reliability.

CSA certification is granted by the Canadian Standards Association and is one of the most recognized safety certifications in North America. CSA standards cover a wide range of requirements, from electrical safety to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. A product that is CSA certified has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to meet specific safety and performance standards.

For an EV charger, having CSA certification means:

  • Electrical Safety: The charger’s design and manufacturing process meet strict electrical safety standards to effectively prevent risks such as electric shock and fire.
  • Performance Standards: Ensures that the equipment performs reliably under normal operating conditions, including aspects like charging efficiency and compatibility.
  • Durability Testing: The charger is capable of withstanding long-term use, encompassing weather resistance and anti-aging performance.
  • Environmental Protection: The product follows principles of environmental sustainability in its design and manufacturing processes.

By obtaining CSA certification, the WolfBox EV charger demonstrates that our product not only adheres to the highest industry safety standards but has also passed through a thorough and stringent testing and review process. Customers can be confident in using our charger, knowing that it is backed by a certification that stands for safety, quality, and reliability.




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