WRX AWE Stainless Exhaust


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WRX AWE Stainless Exhaust

FMS Performance has been installing WRX AWE Stainless Exhaust Systems since 1974. We have created this program to help you plan the type of custom Subaru exhaust system you would like. By first choosing the sound level.

WRX AWE Stainless Exhaust

Merging decades of experience with hundreds of hours of prototyping, engineering, dyno testing and daily usage evaluation has output an exhaust system that is the ultimate compliment to your vehicle. With options to go around, the AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust is one of the finest exhausts to date. What may look like a simple design is actually one of our most comprehensive engineering feats to date.

The AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust

represents the most comprehensive exhaust development project in our company history. The Touring Systems have paved the way for future exhaust technologies that can now be found in most every AWE Tuning exhaust product. We have spent considerable time and effort during development to achieve remarkable civility when idling and at part throttle cruising, while also producing a war-cry wail when full throttle is applied. Hand made in house, these systems command respect while remaining sophisticated, refined, and powerful, all at once.

WRX Stainless Exhaust

WRX AWE Stainless Exhaust




The installation is very important.

Our custom exhaust fabricators are the best in the industry. The system is completely leak checked. No rattles, leaks or crooked tips here!  

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