Sliding Manual Tonneau Covers

Retraxone MX
Retractable – Matte Black Finish From $1549.99

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Retraxpro MX
Retractable Aluminum – Matte Black  From $2149.99

Retraxpro XR
Retractable – Glossy Black From $2299.99

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Sliding Manual Tonneau Covers




Sliding Manual Tonneau Covers

Sliding Manual Tonneau Covers – Fold it, Roll it, Slide it, Lift it or Lock it. Whether the tonneau cover you are searching for needs reliability or comfort, style or security, FMS Performance has the right tonneau cover for you. Our family of brands offer a wide array of hard, soft, rolling, tri-fold and retractable covers that will provide the durability and accessibility to fit your lifestyle needs. From work to play and everything in between our tonneau covers work with most accessories including toolboxes, racks, 5th wheels, and cargo rack applications. With our industry-standard manufacturing, quality-controlled engineering and innovative designs, Truck Hero aims to provide versatile truck bed covers for travel, work, camping, storage and every day life.

Sliding Manual Tonneau Covers

We provide tonneau covers

to pickup truck owners a wide variety of truck bed covers and accessory options including truck caps and bed liners. Our products enhance the functionality and aesthetics of pickup trucks and enable you to customize and personalize your pickup with innovative products born from high-quality materials, superior engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing.

No matter how you use your truck,

there’s a FMS Performance tonneau cover that’s right for you. Our latest offerings have made tonneau covers easier than ever to use in a variety of different situations. So you can fold it, roll it, slide it, lift it or lock it, depending on your needs.

Our tonneau covers work with toolboxes, racks and 5th wheel applications.


Our technicians have been professionally educated and have completed industry degrees from accredited schools. They also continue their education with a daily practice and updates when available.

We install the products we sell so we know these products well. You could say:

That we know what works

We know the real time it takes to install the part

We know the correct tools required to complete the installation right the first time

Professional Installation

With this in mind, remember if you make a thousand of anything your going to have a defect. Actually, we don’t know the exact percentage but it’s probably more like one out of one hundred. If you purchase a part from a retailer other than FMS and install it yourself or pay an installer to install it for you and the part is defective, the manufacturer will surely replace the defective part but they won’t pay for the installation or repay the time to do the job over yourself.

At FMS Performance when you purchase the parts from our store and have the parts installed by our certified technicians we take all the chances. It’s like an insurance policy for your products and upgrades. If a part is defective within the first year, we take care of it. Ordering the new part or parts, the shipping costs, installing the new replacements and returning the defective product or products. The installation warranty on defective products is free for one year. If a part is defective, it will show up within the first year. Without this assurance you would have to remove the part, return the part to the manufacturer or the other retailer for inspection. The manufacturer normally has the option to repair or replace, all while your vehicle may be down waiting for them to decide.


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