2019 Chevy Silverado Leveling Package




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2019 Chevy Silverado Leveling Package

The FMS Performance Chevy Silverado Leveling Package utilizing ReadyLIFT®All-New 2″ Leveling Kit for the 2019 Silverado/Sierra 1500 Trucks Is The Ideal Way To Level The New GM 1500 Trucks! This new leveling kit is manufactured from CNC-machined 6061-T6 aircraft-grade Aluminum with a unique taper designed to work with the new 2019 GM 1500 longer struts.

2019 Chevy Silverado Leveling Package

The all-new 66-3920 2019 GM 1500 2″ leveling kit has been engineered to provide the proper amount of front lift to establish a level stance. Our engineers also included a 5-degree taper to the lower strut spacers to eliminate the potential for strut binding or wiper seal issues while allowing for incredibly easy installation.
2019 Chevy Silverado Leveling Package

Amount Raised Or Lowered (IN): 2 Inch Lift
Type: Lower Strut
Maximum Tire Size: 33 x 11.50
Minimum Wheel Diameter: 9
Wheel Offset (MM): -12
Wheel Backspacing (IN): 5.47
Includes Shock/Struts: Yes
Color: White
  • CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum Construction
  • 5-Degree Taper For Proper Strut Alignment
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty


Professional Installation at FMS Performance

2019 Chevy Silverado Leveling Package

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