Mitsubishi Performance Parts

Mitsubishi Performance Parts

We build Mitsubishi Performance Parts. Choose the Mitsubishi street legal performance parts your looking for. We have your Mitsubishi Performance Parts covered.

Mitsubishi Headers

The shorty tuned lengths are a direct bolt-on and have shown a increase at the rear wheels of more than 21 Horsepower and 16 Foot Per Pounds of torque over stock!

Mitsubishi Headers

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Mitsubishi Performance Parts

Mitsubishi Exhaust Kits

Whether you want a bolt-on or a custom built kit designed just for your sound and style we have you covered.


Mitsubishi Exhaust Systems

Mitsubishi Performance Parts

Mitsubishi Intake Kits

Cold air intake kits help your motor breath in. A nice deep breath helps you perform at your best!

Mitsubishi Cold Air Intake Kits

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Mitsubishi Computer Tuning

Add up to 25 more Horse Power with street legal pre-tuned programmers and modules.

Mitsubishi Tuners

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Mitsubishi Performance Parts

Mitsubishi Throttle Body Spacer

  Produces up to 12 Horsepower and 14 Pounds torque. This is a nice add-on with the intake kit. Let it breath!


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Mitsubishi Performance Parts

Mitsubishi Power Packages

Let us Build a Custom Power Package for you using the best in performance upgrades available for your car.


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Mitsubishi Performance Parts

Designed for optimum performance.

We all know that the right tools for the right job is very important. At FMS Performance we believe that using the the right tools for Mitsubishi Performance Parts installation starts with the right installer.

Our technicians have been professionally educated and have completed industry degrees from accredited schools. They also continue their education with a daily practice and updates when available.

FMS has a specialist for each segment of installation. We prefer to supply you with the parts we install but we can install your supplied products as well.

FMS Performance offers and installs cold air intake kits. Installing and custom building performance exhaust systems. Our stores install automotive computer tuners.  Headers, superchargers.

We can help with almost anything Mitsubishi accessory related. For your convenience you can select the button below for a quote or appointment. Check us out on FaceBook.